Measure Line VHE

The system uses vision technology and in the production environment continually checks and gauges parts as they come off the machine. This system provides the means to monitor part quality and identify machining process failure before scrap is produced. Inspection takes seconds and from the data accumulated, full quality reporting can be produced.

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The Kenova Measure Line VHE is designed for measuring rotationally symmetrical parts quickly and accurately. 

  • Dimensional details are added to the profile image as it measures and these are recorded against the nominal dimension in the program. 
  • Presented in a table the dimensions are colour coded to give a clear indication if they are in tolerance, out of tolerance or close to the limits of the tolerance.
  • With this information you can better control the manufacturing process and provide quality assured products to your customer with the documented report.
  • By simply placing the part on the anvil the software detects the item profile and calls up the measuring program.
  • Total measuring and inspection of the part is done in seconds.
  • This will allow quality controlled parts and detailed inspection report documents to be produced

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