Tool Presetters

Tool presetters improve machine efficiency:
  • Cut machine down-time significantly
  • Reduce scrap parts
  • Protect machine, spindle and fixtures
  • Improve productivity
  • Save money and increase profits
KELCH have been at the cutting edge of presetter technology for over 40 years

Tool Management Solutions

KELCH have teamed up with TDM Systems to provide industry leading tool data management software solutions to UK customers.

The TDM System is a modular software with many features and user friendly design to make cost-conscious and transparent data organization possible in all areas of your business.

Tool Crib Solutions

Tool Crib Design & Supply

Save time and money with an optimised tool crib design by our experienced team of design engineers.

We can guide you through every stage of the process from design to installation with our wide range of tool storage and transportation equipment.

The Fourth
Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is not something of the future, it is already here.
Industry 4.0 - Smart Factory practices are increasing productivity and efficiency in manufacturing.
KELCH Systems integration software and measuring equipment are making it happen, by joining up technologies.
With our experienced delivery team, we can take the stress out of implementation.....

Kelch Efficiency Circle

More than just tool presetting....
From Kelch comes the complete solution
  • Tool Presetting
  • Tool Storage and Transport
  • Thermal Induction Shrink
  • Tool holding and Boring
  • A One Stop Shop

Welcome To KELCH

For over 80 years KELCH has been synonymous with quality, precision and innovation.
Our ranges of Tool Presetting Machines, Tool Holders, Shrink Technology, Gauging & Calibration and Workshop Logistics allow manufacturing companies to benefit from increased productivity in machining processes by reducing downtime and scrap.
KELCH also offers Industry 4.0 solutions for digital Tool Data Management (TDM) and advanced Systems Integration to improve process reliability and production efficiency.

Our Products

Precision and efficiency shape all levels of the KELCH portfolio.
KELCH products are designed and built in Germany to the exacting standards associated with the ‘Made in Germany’ adage.
Our philosophy of 'Right First Time' production is achieved through our extensive range of integrated solutions, ensuring you have the Correct Tools and Correct Data at your machines at the Correct Time.
KELCH's vast experience in shopfloor process improvement allows us to work in partnership with our customers to implement cost effective solutions.

Latest News

NEW RoWi III Tool Cleaner
Discover the breakthrough cleaning performance of NEW KELCH RoWi III today and...

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