06 June 2017

JCB Tool Crib

The new engine production line at JCB plant in Foston near Derby has taken delivery of a Kelch tool setting facility.

Equipped with tool racking, benches for strip and assembly, cabinets for set tool storage and draw units for cutting tools and accessories. To preset and measure the tools, the Kelch Kenova Set line V9510 CNC tool presetter was selected. This offers a large capacity measuring envelope with fully automatic programs for each tool type. The presetter has the very latest EASY Webset software, along with PictureStart and TeachIN programming modules. To transfer the measured values out to the machine control, the presetter has automatic Balluff read/write data chip system. This provides full data safety, as the data is written to the chip located in the holder automatically, as part of the measuring cycle. The data goes with the tool to the machine, where it is read into the machine control automatically.

In addition, the use of shrink tools for optimum cutter performance requires the very best equipment to assemble and change tools. The shrink machine of choice here was the ISG3410WK. A fully automatic shrink machine that heats and cools in just a couple of minutes with no operator involvement.

Organising tools improves the machine productivity by ensuring the right tool, is in the right place, at the right time. Down time on a production line is costly and the relatively small investment in a tool crib provides an excellent financial return.

KENOVA Set line V9 fully automatic tool presetting centre

Benches, racking and trolleys are part of the tool setting facility

The Kelch VariTUL tool trolleys are ready for loading set tool for transportation to the machine

The ISG3410 automatic shrink machine, heats and cools in a single operation

The Kelch TUL rack and tool blocks provides a safe and accessable storage system

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