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Spindle pull back force checking gauge are an essential part of preventitive maintenance on machine spindles with pull back grippers. 

By testing and checking regularly, failing grippers can be detected early, allowing for plannned maintenance rather than the panic of a spindle failure. Spindles use springs and washes to create the tool holder grip force. After time the constant grip and release will weaken them reducing the amout of force applied. The consiquence of this can be vibration in the machining process resulting in poor surface finish, reduced tool life, and damage to spindle bearings.


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The Kelch Safecontrol offers a unique method of monitoring and checking the pull back forces in the machine spindle clamping mechanism. This reduces the need for reactive maintenace when the gripper mechanism starts to fail. Ideal equipment for machine spindle rebuilders and field service engineers

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Safecontrol Pull Back Force Gauge 

  • Pull back forces in the spindle gripper mechanism are checked.
  • The force sensing bar is engaged in the spindle and clamped in the same way a toolholder.
  • The sensing bar sends a calibrated force value to a hand held electronic readout unit.
  • From this value you can determine if the correct force is applied.
  • Reduces forces indicate failure of the spring mechanism
  • Simple to use and very effective
  • Supplied in a case set for secure storage and transport



We have an ex-demo cased set available for HSK63 spindles. This includes the electronic reader unit, battery and charger along with the HSK63 sensing bar.
If you have other spindle configurations, additional sensing bars are available and can be added to the kit. 

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  • Supplied in a robust lockable cased set including electronic reader, cables, charger and sensing bar/s.
  • Sensing bars available in most tool shank forms SK, HSK, PSK
  • See our main catalogue in the download section 7 for part number details
  • Once you have the cased set with the electronic reader unit additional sensing bars can be added to the system at a later date.
  • Rechargeable battery and charger included in the cased set
  • Calibration service available 
  • Measuring forces from 0-100 F/kN

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