Test Bars

Spindle alignment test bars are available in a number of shank configurations. Supplied in a wooden frame to store vertically, preventing distortion

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Spindle test bars are used in the machine tool spindle to detect and benchmark spindle run out. Test bars are a master for checking axis alignment with the machine or presetter spindle. Test bars are used in acceptance testing of machine tools in accordance with ISO recommendation R230

  • Precision test bars are used for checking the alignment and runout of spindles. 
  • Micron accuracy enable spindle assemblies to be checked and ensure they meet industry requirements.
  • Used to check spindle runout as part of routing machine maintenance and to bench mark new equipment.
  • Stored vertically in a wooden frame to prevent distortion
  • Large sizes are hollowed to reduce weight
  • Runout less than 0.003mm 


Test Bars
  • Precision hardened and ground steel bars
  • Run out over the measuring length of less than 0.003mm
  • Supplied with a wooden stand for vertical storage
  • Available in most tool shank formats SK, HSK, PSK
  • Larger test bars are hollowed out with a stepped bore to prevent distortion or incorrect measuring caused by the weight.

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