Tool/Spindle gauges

Spindle and tool holder gauges to check dimensions and features are avilable along with a calibration service.

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Gauges for checking tool holder shanks and machine spindle forms and features. The Kelch Control range of mechanical and pneumatic gauges are available to ensure you conform. An essential part of the manufacture and servicing of machine spindles and tool holders.

  • Kelch manufacture a range of gauges for tool holders and machine spindles
  • The range covers many aspects of the production of this equipment
  • Enbles the manufacturer to check the exacting features to meet the standard tolerances.
  • HSK Alignment tool and gauge
  • PSK Alignment tool and gauge
  • HSK Tool shank taper mechanical using 2x dti
  • HSK Tool shank taper pneumatic comparator gauge
  • HSK pull back taper gauge for measuring 30 degree clamp taper
  • HSK drive slot measuring gauge for orientation and width
  • HSK tool holder taper and flange contact measuring gauge with dti
  • HSK spindle taper gauge, pneumatic measuring with master setting comparitors
  • HSK spindle gaugae for measuring drive dogs 2x gauge set with go and no go supplied in a wooden box

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