Automatic shrink and cool in one device - fast, effective and safe

In order to ensure the longevity of the tool holder the system uses proven fixed parameters for shrink reliably. Optimum safety for the operator as no contact with the hot shrink fit chucks is necessary. Tool profile independent cooling with no need for adapters
No overheating of the shrink fit chuck due to fixed preprogrammed parameters, simple menu guidance in graphic display dialog, service-friendly generator exchange unit, thanks to a "black box" concept. Air blast drying system ensure the tool is dried after cooling and ready for the machine.

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Shrink fit chucks are automatically heated, cooled and dryed in the same set up.


  • Automatic heating and cooling system for thermal induction shrink tools.
  •  The process of heating and cooling the tool holder is fully automatic and needs no operator involvement other than to insert/remove the cutter.
  •  Eliminates the risk to the operator as it heats, cools and dries the tool in one operation.
  •  The simple to use icon driven control manages the heat energy and timing required for each tool size.
  •  The coil heats the tool holder, the operator inserts the cutter and the tool is lowered into the cooler automatically.
  •  The assembly is then sprayed with a water based coolant and then blown dry before rising out of the cooler.
  •  The tool is safe to handle and ready for the machine.
  •  This advanced induction technology costs much less than you would think.

 Ø 3 – 32mm for carbide shanks and Ø 6 – 32 mm for HSS shanks
 Max. shrink extension 400 mm
 Max. cooling extension 200 mm
 Operator does not have any contact with hot tools
 All tool nose contours may be used
 Integrated water cooling
Intergrated air blast drying 
Generator in a „Black Box“ for easy replacement by end unsers
 3 phase x 400 V / 16 A 8 kW Wt= 100 kg


Inductive Shrink Unit complete with 3 interchangeable discs and 1 bottle of rust inhibitor and set of gloves.

Water Tank: ca. 40 ltr

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