Special Edition i-tec M 'EDGE'

The i-tec M 'Edge' has been designed and engineered to offer our customers a cost effective solution for induction shrinking.

This device is aimed at those wishing to try out shrink tools to explore the benefits, but do not have the budget for high end equipment.

This is a fully functional device and is offered only for a limited period. If you have been considering shrink then now is the time to try it.



Limited Edition Induction Shrink Device

Efficient and ultra-fast heating
Differentiation between carbide (diameter 3-32 mm) or
HSS (diameter 6-32 mm) tools for more efficient
shrinking in seconds.
• Highly versatile
Shrinking of tools with taper size up to SK 60 / HSK 160 /
PSK 100 and total length up to max. 650 mm (with tower
extension: 1400 mm).
• Gentle, durable & safe shrinking
Overheating of the shrink-fit chuck is prevented, thereby
ensuring a long chuck life.
• Ergonomic workspace with large storage area
Ergonomically arranged work area with generous
storage space for tools and shrink accessories for
convenient and safe operation.
• Simple and intuitive operation
Shrink quickly and easily with just a few simple steps.

i-tec® M32 shrink-fit device with fixed coil (Ø 3-32 mm)
Connection: 13KW, 3 ~ 400V, 16A
WxHxD (mm): 710x1150x515
Delivery specification i-tec® M32:
 Stop rings (diameter 3-32 mm)
 2 adapter sleeves
 Tool tray
 Protective gloves, operating instructions

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