is a proven product range where tool length can be built up to suit the machining application.Ideally suited to horizontal machining centres and borers

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From Kelch comes a modular tooling system designed for boring and milling machines. 


  • A modular tooling system for horizontal borers and machining processes where extra tool length is required.
  • Flexibore consist of a range of holder, shank, boring head and extension configurations for boring, drilling and milling.
  • Locked together with a high tensile bolt and slot drive the system offers rigidity and versitility.
  • Basic holders are available in all  standard shank versions.
  • The diameter can be customized by the use of adapter elements.
  • The high degree of accuracy of component combinations results from the exact centering with insertion groove.
  • Contact surface of the components are manufactured with the highest precision.
Flexibore System
  • Basic Holder available in SK, BT, HSK and PSK format
  • Extensions available in various lengths from 60mm to 150
  • Reduction adaptors to step down to the next size
  • Twin point boring heads from 29mm dia to 530mm dia
  • Single point adjustable boring heads from 3mm dia to 150mm dia
  • Boring head bridge for 150mm dia to 530mm dia
  • Tension and compression tapping heads M3 to M24
  • A full range of milling holders
  • Collet chucks ER16 and ER25 for drill holding

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