Manufactured to the very highest standards Kelch HSK tool holders are without compromise
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Kelch are a leading manufacturer of HSK tools covering the range from HSK25 - HSK125
Manufactured from quality steel and carefully controlled heat treatments to provide accuracy and durability

HSK is Hollow Shank tool holding

For use with machining centres, milling machines, special purpose machines with automatic tool changing. These holders are available in a number of different forms A, B, C, D, E and F

  •  Central, axial coolant supply via coolant tube.
  •  Torque transmission via 2 driving grooves at taper end.
  •  2 flange grooves for the tool magazine.
  •  Position notch for correct orientation.
  •  Bore for identification chip DIN 69 873 in the flange.
  • All Kelch HSK tool holders are equipped for a central, axial coolant supply.
  • For the HSK types A, B, E and F the coolant supply occurs via aspecially designed coolant tube.
  • For the HSK type C and D the coolant supply is centrally supplied.
  • The HSK types B and D additionally offer the option of a decentralised coolant supply via a wider flange.
  • Central clamping ensures face and taper contact with the spindle
  • Excellent cutting harmonics giving improved surface finish snf tool life.

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