This design of these tool holders provide high accuracy tool connection to the spindle. Available for i-tec shrink, milling, drilling and boring systems

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Polygonal taper shank tool holders to ISO 26623-1 providing high location, drive and accuracy

  • Very high accuracy and rigid holder system
  • Manufactured to the higest quality standard
  • Will minimise run out and provide high torque drive.
  • Availble for turning, milling, drilling and boring operations


Tool Holders for Polygonal Taper Shanks

Polygonal taper shank according to ISO 26623-1 without bore for identification chip. If not otherwise specified: Hardened

by means of a special low distortion hardening process.

Vickers hardness 670 ± 40 HV

30 (HRC 58 ± 2). Hardness depth

Eht = 0.3 - 0.6 mm

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