Kenova V9-S

KENOVA set line V9-S combines the tool presetter KENOVA set line V9 and the shrink fit device i-tec® XL to create an automatic tool setting station. The KENOVA set line V9-S enables tools to be measured, preset and simultaneously shrunk on one operation. The unique feature is that users have two tool presetting processes available simultaneously. The new compact design reduces the footprint and improve the ergonomics.

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A new design and unique combination of thermal induction shrink, setting and measuring in one operation on the same device. The Kenova V9-S has the capability to expand the shrink chuck, automatically length adjust the cutting tool and measure the assembly in a single operation. This reduces the operator involvement and thus human error.

  • KENOVA set line V9-S is an advanced tool presetter designed to set and measure standard tools automatically with CNC 5 axis movement.
  • This presetter is equipped with an automatic thermal induction system to adjust and set shrink tools to nominal length.
  • In the phase in which the chuck is opened by induction heating, the tool is set exactly to its target length fully automatically.
  • The benefits of this process include the short cycle times and the option of changing the tool in a single cycle. 
  • If measurements are necessary, which do not permit setting during the expansion phase of the chuck, the length of the shank tool can be determined using setting adaptors prior to heating.
  • The tool is finally shrunk to its target length using intelligent calculation and pre-positioning of the setting pins.
  • The positioning pin system is integrated into the MPS spindle
  • This process is mainly designed for complex measuring tasks or for HSS tools.

Fully-functional tool presetter with integrated induction coil for 
automatic shrinking with length adjustment.

Ergonomic peripheral carrier - everything to hand

Length Setting

The advanced spindle design provides market leading accuracy and durability along with automatic length adjustment. Where the tool needs to be set to a nominal length to avoid collision with fixtures or where there are multi spindles, V9-S provide the solution. A CNC controlled pin through the centre of the spindle, will position the cutting tool precisely to nominal length.


· 5 automatic axes

Cutting edge scanning:
· CCD camera with telecentric lens and ring light

Electronic measurement equipment:
· PC electronics with intelligent image processing
· 24" TFT colour monitor

Tool holder:
· Modular precision CNC spindle
· Inserts for all common tool holders

Measuring ranges:
· X = -50 to 530 / 830 / 1030 mm (ø)
· Z = 600 / 800 / 1000 mm
· Shrink length: 600 mm

· Automatic induction coil
· With and without length adjustment
· For HSS and carbide
· Optional: Vacuum filter for smoke removal

· Separate cooling station, completely decoupled from the thermally critical presetting part; 

  simultaneous cooling of 3 shrink chucks
· Contact with cooling adapters through which water flows and modular inserts
· Cooling time about 60 seconds

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