19 June 2019

Process Reliability Solution

Investment in Process Security

Changing tools in the machine is a source of potential errors. These can be costly if you get it wrong and are risky when measuring and data inputting is done manually. Measured values and tool ID are essential to the security of the machining process.

Where the part being machined is of a high value, process security is important to prevent scrap. There needs to be safeguards to ensure ‘right first time’ is achieved.

Working with our customer Leonardo Helicopters in Yeovil, a system of tool setting and data transfer to the machine was developed for their operational need. Using a new Kelch Kenova Set line V956 CNC tool presetter, automatic tool measuring programs specific to the tools can be easily produced. The TeachIn software module permits bespoke programs to be created and linked to the tool. This allows the tool to be measured the same way every time, automatically. The Balluff RFID system identifies the tool and the measuring program is matched to that tool. Once the tool is measured, the values are then transmitted to the machine control securely via the network.

This method takes away any risk of error in the process and ensures the part is machined correctly every time.

The Kelch Kenova V956 presetter reduces human intervention in the tool measuring and data transfer process. The robust design and build of this presetter makes it micron accurate and stable. The main base structure is made from a one piece mineral cast to absorb vibration and ensure thermal stability. The full CNC axis movement and the industry leading MPS spindle, provide the accuracy and consistent quality required.

This new Kelch presetter brings the total on site in Yeovil to six units, all playing a key role in producing precision parts and reducing scrap.

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