01 November 2022

80 Years of KELCH

80 Years of KELCH - 80 Years of Customer Success
The KELCH brand is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. Throughout its successful history, KELCH has been among the pioneers in the development and production of tool presetters and steep taper holders. In the 90s, KELCH was an influential player in developing the standard for HSK tools. Today, the brand is synonymous with high-precision tool presetters and tools, as well as for Industry 4.0 and automation developments.
“KELCH products have always been more precise than the standard. If the standard prescribes precision of 1 micrometre, our product complies with 0.5 micrometres. That continues to be our aim. As does manufacturing our premium products in Germany,” stresses KELCH GmbH Managing Director Frank Wildbrett.
The KELCH product range includes tool holders, cleaning, shrinking and presetting devices, measuring technology and tool logistics services, as well as a comprehensive service programme.
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