22 May 2023

KELCH Smart Factory Services

More efficient production with
KELCH Smart Factory Services
KELCH has developed a modular overall concept to support individual companies in setting up and expanding their smart factory. So-called Smart Factory Services are tailored to the needs of machining companies. The individual modules can be flexibly combined. This offers production and manufacturing managers the option of only obtaining the precise solutions they need: to improve processes and products, save costs, or increase productivity and quality. Tools and equipment already in place can also be integrated.
Overall, the process optimisations achieved through KELCH Smart Factory Services result in lower costs, higher throughput and increased competitiveness. The modules include digitalisation, integration, optimisation, procurement, storage and financing.
New solutions from the wide portfolio of KELCH services can also be employed in the implementation phase: tool holders, cleaning and shrink-fit devices, presetters to measuring technology and tool logistics.
Companies benefit from the direct integration of the required modules and thus from a uniform data structure and user interface when this is combined with the market leading tool management software developed by TDM Systems.
Lower costs – higher throughput
At the outset, a KELCH consultant, together with production management and company management, will analyse the CURRENT situation. The entire process from receipt of order, development of a programme, planning and implementation is then considered. The system integration and process implementation phases are then planned. Finally, the focus in the Tool Services area is on the specific implementation of the plan. Companies obtain immediate process reliability from the get-go with the introduction of TDM tool management software. Since the TDM system is modular and scalable, each customer can begin with only the features, modules and users they require to deliver an immediate benefit with a short ROI period. The time involved in Smart Factory Services is generally about 12 to 18 months from the start of planning, through implementation, to a seamlessly operating and optimised state.
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