RFID Easy Tool-ID

The Simple Way to Identify Your Tools

NEW Easy Tool-ID v2.0 supports machine operators by securely and quickly getting tool data to the machine tool. The system drastically reduces setup times and incorrect entries. All the information is available to you at any time through the 7" touchscreen display.

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Always keep your tool data under control

The Easy Tool-ID pedestal simply connects to the machine-tool control via a USB cable, and data is transferred at the touch of a button.

The tool with the programmed chip is inserted into the tool adaptor in the pedestal which can be located next to the machine-tool. By just the press of a button, the RFID chip is read and the tool ID, measured values and other critical parameters such as tool life are automatically transferred into the CNC control.

In addition to the automated entries, you can manually update your tool data from the touch display. This allows tool wear to be consistently documented and the tool life always remains up-to-date on the Balluff RFID chip. This guarantees optimal tool usage.

The Easy Tool-ID guarantees process reliability when transferring tool data into the machine, and eliminates the potential for incorrect values by erroneous manual key pressing.

The system saves you time and money and reduces the risk of scrap production and machine damage.



  • Reduction of setup times and wrong entries: Send tool data securely and quickly via USB
  • All data shown in plain text: Check all tool data on the touch display
  • Optimal tool utilization: Manual updating of the tool data using the touch display
  • Retrofitting with little effort: Simple configuration via web browser, no alteration to the machine tool, short downtimes
Technical Info


Modul phyCore i.MX6 Dual Lite

Storage 4 GB eMMC

Memory 1 GB RAM

Frequency 2 × 1.2 GHz

M12 connectors 1 × power (24 V DC), 2 × Ethernet, 1 × USB host, 1 × USB client, 1 × RS232, 1 × USB host

Display 7" TFT, WVGA 800 × 480, LED back light, analog RGB (TTL), projective capacitive touch (multi-touch)

Power supply 24 V DC ±10 % LPS class 2

Output current ≤ 2 A

Operating temperature 0...+60 °C

Storage temperature –40...+80 °C

IP rating per IEC 60529 IP54

Max. cable length USB 2.8 m

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