Every project and capital investment needs careful management, planning and expert advice. Investing in production support equipment such as that from Kelch is no different. Our team of experts can discuss your application, your plans and look into your future needs. We can then advise on the best products to suit the application and your budget. 

There are many consideration when buying say a tool presetter. These include, how much involvement you want the operator to have, what accuracy and repeatability you need, what are the consequences of a scrap component, fixture, machine spindle or just the tool if set wrong ? How will you transfer the measured values to the machine control? where will the data and information on the tool come from?

These are just a few questions we will help you address. So if you are considering a new presetting machine, shrink device or just a new tool crib -talk to us first and we will help you address these matters and help you make the right choices.

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