01 January 2017

Thermal induction shrink and Presetting

With the ever increasing demand for better tool life and component quality, shrink tool holding is playing a major part in achieving this goal. To meet this demand Kelch developed a presetting centre that will provide not just automatic tool setting but automatic shrink tool setting too.
The 5 axis presetting capability means that the cutting tool can be automatically set to nominal length in a shrink holder. 
After initially using manual Kelch tool setting and a separate shrink device, the automotive parts manufacturer CNC Speedwell in Brownhills switched to the full CNC combined presetter Kenova Set line V9-S
The success of the shrink and measuring in one setup, led to the process being launched throughout their 3 machining sites. Allowing the shrink tools to be automatically set to nominal length, accurately and with minimal operator involvement, has put them ahead of the game.  To get the best from the new equipment, CNC Speedwell sent their tool crib personnel to Kelch for advanced training off site where there were no distraction. 
These advanced presetting centres provide the much needed support for tool requirements to keep their numerous machines running 24/7. To meet demand for automotive components manufactured by CNC Speedwell, the four automatic and the two manual presetters play a vital role.

For more information on how these could help you, click to the Kenova V9-S in the tool presetter section or download the Kenova Premium catalogue in the download section.

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