US1100 Automatic Shrink

The TubeChiller US 1100 model is equipped with fully automatic cooling.
The optional pyrometer coil with TempControl ensures direct temperature monitoring during the shrinking process. The temperature is measured through the induction coil directly at the shrink chuck surface and the power output and the temperature input is automatically controlled.

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New Shrink Fit Unit US 1100 TubeChiller™

A completely renewed range of shrinking machines together with shrink tool holders that cover the whole range of shrinking applications. Our latest innovation is the Pyrometer technology where the shrink temperature is measured by a Pyrometer through the TempControl coil directly at the shrink fit holder nose part. We offer High Tech shrink units for every user application and every budget. With this equipment line, we are the technological world market leader for shrink technology.


For innovative shrinking and automatic cooling of shrink fit tool holders we now offer the newest technology called „TubeChiller™“. This technology was developed to combine our shrink unit series US 1100 with automatic cooling. The units work fully automatic and after the shrink fit process, tool holders are cooled down automatically so that it is impossible for operators to touch hot tools.

The TubeChiller™ Function
After the shrink process the tube of the chiller unit lifts automatically from the base. At the same time the tube is filled with coolant and it cools down the hot tool holder. While the tube is moving up, it moves the TempConrtol coil back in to the start position without the need of pneumatic or and mechanical accessories. The TubeChiller™ was developed based on the experience we had for years with the patented chiller units FKS 04S where the tool holders have been moved from the shrink unit to the chiller unit manually. Now we have a fully automatic unit with the same cooling principle.


Technical Info

The new Pyrometer Technology
The Pyrometer technology was developed for an easy shrink fit process where the minimal thermal energy is applied to the tool holder necessary to make the shrink process work. This prevents over/underheating of the tool holders, a well know problem in shrink fit technology.
Highest energy input of the shrink fit machine is not the right solution, only controlled temperature guarantees a smooth shrink fit process. All shrink units have fixed parameters for even shrinking of the tool holders, but with the Pyrometer technology additional temperature controls are in place. This system monitors the surface temperature, preventing damage to the tool holder by overheating.


What is special about the US110 Shrink Units?
1. New Pyrometer Technology
2. Vertical and horizontal shrink units cover any application
3. Parameters for shrinking are installed in all shrinking machines
4. Gentle shrinkage, no overheating of the shrink chuck, for long life of the shrink chucks
5. Patented opening cylinder for automatic shrinking
6. Diebold is the world market leader for HSK-E 40 tool holders.
7. The competitors have problems to produce these chucks with small diameters in reliable quality
8. We use the highest quality steel and special hardening processes for the production of our shrink chucks, thus the highest durability
9. Due to artificial aging of the material no growth of tolerances
10. Therefore better quality and longer usability of the high accuracy
11. Production in fully air-conditioned factory, quality control in CMM room class 2
12. Exact contact of the tool taper to the face of the spindles
13. No loss of clamping force against the face of the spindle because the tool tapers have lower tolerances than the standards allow


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