Kenova V3

Ready for Industry 4.0 – The innovative and robust mid-class presetter with a host of options to suit your budget.
KELCH is expanding its INDUSTRIAL line with an Industry 4.0-compatible tool presetter for semi-automated or fully automated applications.
The new range features EASY software, which can be operated without programming knowledge and integrated into automated processes and networked production systems.
KENOVA V3 series is available in three variants:
1. Manual
2. Manual with CNC spindle (Autofocus)
3. Fully CNC
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The new KENOVA V3 series of tool presetters offer versatile options at a competitive price. Investment return is shorter and the latest technologies are incorporated to provide a robust and precise measuring platform.


The KENOVA V3 series has many configuration options to meet your operational requirements and budgets. This low cost device offers high end features such as UWS spindle with power clamping, CNC drives for upto 3 axes and the industry-proven EASY Webset control software.

Additional benefits of the KENOVA V3 series include a large measuring envelope (up to 600mm Diameter x 600mm Length), precise optical measuring system, and Industry 4.0 integration capability with advanced data transfer options such as Balluff RFID, QR Code and DNC file transfer.

The industry-proven EASY measuring software provides advanced yet intuitive tool measuring and data management functions. With optional touch screen functionality, measuring tasks can be completed efficiently and accurately.

The Kelch UWS IV high precision spindle is also available with powered pull back tool clamping.

The second camera options is perfect for setting turning tools  

Technical Data
- Compact grey cast iron design for use in confined spaces.
Measuring ranges:
- X = -100 mm to 400 mm (ø)
- Optional X = -100 mm to 600 mm (ø)
- Z = 600 mm
- Convenient positioning of the axes by pneumatically released quick adjustment mechanism
- Available in three versions: Manual, Autofocus, Fully CNC
- Additional fine adjustment:
 a) Manual and Autofocus using handwheels
 b) Fully CNC: fine adjustment of the 3 axes using a virtual control panel
Tool holder:
- High-precision tool spindle with direct SK 50 interface and
  integrated calibration balls.
- Optionally with pneumatic tool clamping.
Cutting edge scanning:
- CMOS camera with telecentric optics and
  lighting for ± 2 μm repeatability.
Electronic measurement equipment:
- PC electronics with intelligent image processing
- 24" TFT monitor
- 10" monitor on camera carrier (optional)

- WxDxH (mm): 1300 x 540 x 1300 (excluding TUL rack IV)

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