Crib Design

Optimise Your Tooling Workflow and Storage

Save time and money with an optimised tool crib design by our experienced team of design engineers.

We can guide you through every stage of the process from design to installation with our wide range of tool storage and transportation equipment.

Everything from cabinets, benches, racking, cleaning equipment, induction shrink, tool measuring, tightening fixtures, tool transport trolleys, tool management software and more....

CONTACT US to discuss your needs and we will design and cost the supply, installation and commissioning of a bespoke tool crib to enhance your operation.


A well designed tool crib, equipped with the appropriate storage and work areas improves the flow of tools in and out of the machine shop.




With our advanced 3D rendered designs, you can visualise and walk around your new tool crib to ensure the workflow meets your requirements prior to ordering.

  • To get the very best from your tools, organisation is vital
  • A carefully designed tool crib controls inventory and the flow of set tools to the machine shop
  • Managing the flow of tools helps reduce machine downtime and gives you the control needed to ensure greater efficiency and significant cost savings
  • The tool crib makes the ideal environment for building tools, measuring them and sending them to the machine tool in a timely and professional manner

To plan and design your tool crib, our engineers will initially conduct a survey, free of charge, to assess your current operation and future needs.

A plan will then be presented outlining the work flow through the setting area and the recommended equipment to store, transport and handle tools.

This plan will be costed and a detailed quote provided.

Further meetings to discuss the proposal and make any changes you would like.

Once agreed the order will trigger work to begin on the construction, services, furnishing and training

Call us to arrange your consultation and see what a well-constructed and designed tool flow, and storage will do for your operational efficiency 

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