Tool Balancing

Increase the quality of your products with the TB range of vertical balancing machines

Tool balancing is necessary in the following situations:
• With operating speeds higher than 8,000 rpm
• With unsymmetrical rotors
• When using hard cutting inserts (e.g. ceramic, CBN, PKD)
• With machines that have a ceramic or hybrid bearing

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Discover the future of tool balance control with KELCH's range of TB balancing systems - your solution for unsurpassed precision and efficiency.
KELCH offer 2 compact benchtop tool balancing systems, for 1 and 2 plane balancing:
> Ideal for use with any computer or notebook
> Optional 15" touchscreen panel PC
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> Integrated 10" touchscreen control
> All-in-one design
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Both units utlise the same balancing spindle and sensors, and can balance tools and rotating workpieces for single or series production.
System benefits from 6 balancing methods:
> Gramm             > Speading angle    > Fixed Point
> Axial Drilling    > Radial Drillling      > Milling
Spindle adaptors are available for all common tool taper sizes.

KELCH TB100 Balancer:

> Effortless adapter and test piece change

> Highest measuring accuracy with simplest operation

> Protocol at the push of a button with your printer

> Usable with your IT-compatible computer and notebook

> Available in all spindle versions

> Compact and space-saving

> Dimensions WxDxH (mm): 458x591x775 (Balancing machine without base frame)

KELCH TB200 Balancer:

> For balancing tools and rotary workpieces, for single and series parts

> Effortless adapter and test item change

> Highest balancing accuracy at the best price

> Protocol report at the touch of a button on your printer

> Available in all spindle versions

> For 1 and 2 plane balancing

> Compact and space-saving with 6 balancing methods gram, spread angle, fixed location, drilling axial, drilling radial, milling.

> Dimensions WxDxH (mm): 460 x 790 x 590

> 10" operating panel, visual operator guidance

TB100 & TB200


Item No: 1072432 (EU-Version)

Air connection: 6-8 bar

Power supply: 230V

Data connection: 1x LAN, 2x USB

Data storage: CSV-Format

Total weight: 50 kg

Tool holders: up to HSK125 / SK50 / PSC8

Quality level display: DIN-ISO 1940, gmm, Gramm

Automatic positioning: +/- 1°

Unbalance: ≤ 0,01 Gramm

Precision: ≤ 0,5gmm/kg

Workpiece weight: up to max. 20 kg

Workpiece diameter: up to 270 mm / opt. bis ca. 400 mm

Workpiece length: up to 400 mm / opt. bis ca. 600 mm

Clamping adapter: optional, for all sizes

HDMI output: only optional, for an additional monitor

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